You will receive from the dentist an invoice. You can pay your dental treatment; cash, with credit card or by an internet bank transfer.

Accommodation and Travel Expenses

Accommodation and Travel Expenses are not included. We would assist you about your hotel stay and flight or you can manage it yourself. Please call us for more information.

Zorgvergoeding Check for Holland

Crowns and dentures to replace the tooth/teeth

Crown porcelain / metal
Crown 100% porcelain / zirconia
Implant Crown porcelain / metal
Implant Crown porcelain / zirconia
Crown E-Max
100% porcelain veneer-laminae-facings

Implants to replace the tooth roots

C-Tech Dental Implant (Made in Italy)
Osstem Dental Implant (Made in Germany - South Korea)
Straumann Dental Implant (Made in Switzerland)
Dentsply - Friadent (Made in Germany)
NTA Dental Implant (Made in Switzerland)
Swiss Dental Implant (Made in Switzerland)
Abutment Implant Titan
Sinus Lift closed per implant
Sinus Lift Operation per jaw side incl. membrane + bone graft
Bone graft 2 gram
Temporary protheses crowns
Removing Cyste
Periodontal surgery completed


Fixed prosthesis porcelain teeth by
Anchoring Mini-SG by sliding
Anchoring MK1 lock system
Click denture per jaw included 2 implants
Click denture per jaw on teeth
Click denture per jaw included 4 implants


Tooth pulling
Abutment Implant TitanComposite filling
Root canal treatment including white composite filling
Root canal treatment + Small titanium screw
Tartar removal + mouth cleaning with high pressure
Laser treatment whole teeth, intensive against infection
Temporaly denture each jaw
Teeth Whitening for 2 years
Mediation and counseling - included 
Transportation to and from the clinic - included 
Diagnosis - included 
Dental costs - included